less wise, but with wheels


my wisdom teeth were removed yesterday and it went pretty well. it only took 45 minutes to removal all four and give me the anesthetic. only one side of my face is swollen. the other three teeth hurt, but not like my lower left one. my mum had taken the day off, so we sat around watching the gilmore girls all day. Eating hurts because my throat is sore and one side of my jaw is seized. My mum is making sheperd’s piet for dinner though, so hopefully there will be come nourishment there.
we went to pick up my new car this morning. i did not get to drive it back though because i was in too much pain from the headache and throbbing and i can’t drive a standard to start with so i thought it might be a bad idea to start under such circumstances.
i am supposed to be doing homework this evening, finally, but i am not so sure it will happen. being in pain is not very motivating. thank god for prescription drugs.
i am a little upset that i cannot download the whole Jonas album on limewire, there are some songs that i cannot find. sniff. i tried to call Veronica early but she was not in, which is probably a good thing because lisa told me she was not feeling very great yesterday, so i am hoping she went out with Mark for the afternoon and has been cheered up. other than that, i guess all is well. Steve is supposed to come over tomorrow for a little while. maybe i will make him watch the gilmore girls with me. i should probably attempt to burn copies of the DVDs, or The Pretender which Lisa also let me – thank god for lisa.
well, i will probably write again tomorrow when i need to proscratinate doing my homework some more.


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