legal in the U.S. now


yeah, so it’s been a while but i have been busy. La Ronde on Saturday was okay except they lie that they are open until 10pm when really all the rides are shut by 7pm. That was a let down.
My brother proved his sot-ness on my birthday because he let my Mum buy me game that wouldn’t run on my Mac because he thought i would install it on his PC downstairs. Hmmm.
My birthday was alright. Lisa and I went out for lunch which was nice. I got myself a pair of copper earrings and everyone called to wish me a nice day (friends and family) which made me feel loved of course. Steve forgot his cellphone at home and called me after 11pm, but it is okay now. I am less mad.
Other than that, i am already behind in school and there is a lot of work to do but i am stuck on the board and haven’t been able to go get more work that i can do while answering the phones. Tomorrow i am getting my wisdom teeth pulled, which my insurance won’t cover apparently because i can’t prove i am a full-time student before tomorrow morning, so there should be lots of posting because i won’t be able to talk. sniff. everyone thinks this part of it is very fun.


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