pink hair


still don’t know if yesterday’s post made it up or not. Blogger was having system problems i think. oh well. i am not going to recap. I am working this morning until noon, then i am heading out to initiation for the first years at the LAC. I have to go bug Julius in shipping for some boxes before i punch in.
Yesterday Steve came and got me at my Dad’s football practice. We stopped at Jean-Coutu to pick up some hair-bleach – and his hair turned CARE BEAR PINK instead of bleaching out the red entirely. Hehehe. He is adorable and doesn’t look mean for once. He wants to shave it all off of course, but i asked that he keep it until my birthday because i like it. My Mum laughed at him.
I went and bought some pesto for dinner. We dipped good bread in it and i ate cheese tortellini. Steve celebrated actually having money in his pocket by ordering in a submarine. Horribly exciting i know. We watched the O.C. in French and used the massage bar again. I love that thing (thanks Vero).
Sarah called me yesterday. I am happy she did, now i need to find the time to call her back so we can meet up one day! Maybe this morning on break. I also have to call Doug about when my new car will be ready. It would be cool to have it for my birthday.

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