four days in five minutes


yeah. so i hung out with Lisa Monday night. it was fun. we watched Hello Again, a Shelley Long movie from 1987. It was so bad it was hysterical. We also did some of her laundry for the next day. She seems to be liking her new program, so that rocks.
Tuesday i worked until 4:30. It was long. Then i went in for music history. yeah. it was really weird talking to all the people i spoke to everyday for like 8 months, but didn’t manage to stay in contact with over the summer. I always find going back to school weird for that reason. People you get really attached to, but somehow never become more than acquaintances. If i only had more time on my hands. By the way, Music history looks like it will be painful. I only know 2 people in the class and i’m tone deaf. Lovely.
Wednesday i managed to sign up for two more courses (sitting in, not as a registered student) and was sucked into the Vortex that is Ed Lorkovic’s office. Then i went out for lunch with Merav. We had class in the same delapitated building on Drummond, so we walked together. My Intro to Italian class is filled with people who already are fluent. FUCK. Then i went to Latin. It is in the tiniest classroom ever on the 9th floor of the hall building. Then i went to History of the Middle East, which looks so bobo i could not go to a single class. And a girl, Gaby, who went to Florence with us is my TA. I got dragged into helping with initiation tomorrow, then i went to the meeting of the Council of Canadians. They seem very nice, but i am unsure as to the effectiveness of their efforts. Hmmm. I will decide after three meetings.
Now i am at work, already punched in, so also a bad person. Munching on a coffee crisp…bad for me. But after a sandwich for dinner two nights in a row…i deserve it.


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