is that an eel?


friday was both long and short simultaneously. i had so much work to do that the actual time passed quickly, but i spent the whole day waiting for it to come to an end. My whole family went out for dinner at the restaurant where Lisa works. Because of the huge amount of chinese food i managed to eat i haven’t managed to lose a single pound in the past two weeks. This is upsetting. Steve came by and we went to tim hortons to pick up an extra large hot chocolate and then we went to the beach in rosemere to sit and watch the current. there was a drake who had been in a fight with his wife and was wondering all alone in the middle of the river quacking. she was talking back to him too, he eventually swam down river so i figure they made up. Then there was something swimming about close to us that was breaking the current, but we couldn’t figure out what because it was NOT a duck. I was betting on an eel.
I slept in until 8:40am this morning…what a delight. I got up and played around with the webpage, wrote some emails and then i had to take a shower and get ready to go out for breakfast for my Mum’s birthday. She appeared to enjoy all of her presents very much. I ordered french toast with a mound of fresh fruit drizzled with english cream for breakfast because i was so upset about being on a diet (i.e. always hungry) for the past two weeks and having not last any weight.
Since we got back i put a patch on my jeans to hide the hole in the butt, sewed up the tear in the knee and redid the seam on a pink sweater i own but never wore last year because i was too lazy to fix it. i forget to repair the rip in my long jean skirt however. the plan for this afternoon is to actually write some content for the webpage and read some of the news magazines i never get around to. that is if i don’t fall asleep first.


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