pseudo-last day


I go back to school on Tuesday, but only in the evening and next week i will be working all day Tuesday and Thursday, so it isn’t really, but i am trying to pretend to make the day less dreary. I didn’t sleep well, my wet hair has saturated my shirt and i am cold. Just a barrel of monkeys this morning, aren’t i?

Yesterday was a pretty long day because my Dad left work early and i stayed here until quarter to six waiting for Steve to pick me up. I managed to make it to the bank though and deposited my loan certificate. Then Steve and i ate and tried out the new massage bar Veronica gave me for my birthday (2 weeks early, but she was in town). It was very nice. It’s called “fever” the scent and is very appropriate because it is mildly flowery with just a hint of cinnamon. I love LUSH Cosmetics.

Then we fell asleep watching Shanghai Knights, which was playing on TV. I had signed up for my aquafitness course yesterday morning and our Shiatsu massage course too. I don’t know what we are going to do this week-end except that it is my Mum’s birthday tomorrow, so i must be home for lunch and give her her present. Oh yeah, and Steve is working Saturday and Monday. He says he needs the money for my birthday present. Maybe i won’t be disappointed this year. That comment is almost a guarantee i will be.


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