ramblings and a product review


so, my nightly round of cleansing (flossing, listerining and astringenting) is complete. Thank God. The day went by pretty fast. I spent the evening frying zucchini and then went out for coffee with Isabelle. It was her last day at the Blainville Subway today. I would have loved to have seen Sab’s face the day that she quit.
Georgia was pretty good at work today. There were not tons of questions and i actually managed to get some work done. Patsy, our receptionist, did not come in however, so i ended up spending some time answering phones.
Yesterday was fun too. My aunt and i got up early (as previously mentioned) and went to Chapters. I did not purchase a book on cascading style sheets nor drawing for dummies, though i wanted to. i recognize the lack of time during the school year for all these hobbies i hope to acquire. I did get a crossword puzzle book.
Then we went and got our eyebrows waxed. It was surprisingly unpainful. I will definitely continue with this element of aesthetic upkeep. I hate tweezing. We then went shopping for my Mum’s b-day present and found her a very nice white silk scarf, which is what she asked for.
We then returned to my aunt’s for tuna sandwiches, had some wine and sat outside sipping while doing crosswords, reading Emily Dickinson poetry and crocheting (the last one only me). My Mum showed up, we all chatted for a while, and then we left for home.
Steve has agreed to sign up for the shiatsu massage course in October. Now i am all exciting. I need to ask my Dad again if he is going to pay for the aquafitness course i am taking with Mum every monday.

Random Product Review: Citrus Listerine
Yes, it is less intense, but actually sickeningly sweet. The desire to swallow when rinsing after is especially disconcerting. I definitely prefer the original even though it burns more in your mouth. Brushing, flossing and listerining are an excellent method of for cutting out snacking though when you are on a diet-particularly with this nasty flavour. you don’t want to dirty your mouth anymore.

I still am undecided about whether or not to stay at blogger. i want a more context-oriented webpage, but don’t want to pay the 129.99$ for a .Mac subscripton, particularly when i remember that i will not be using the email account that comes with it. I only just changed email accounts. If anyone has any suggestions for mac-friendly webpage hosting – please note that blogger is not, you lose all the formatting icons in new post – i would appreciate some advice.


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