a saturday in the sun


Yesterday my aunt and I went to the Renaissance exhibit at the National Arts Gallery in Ottawa. It was a nice collection of later Renaissance works than i had been shown in Florence by the Professors Krantz. Many i had not seen before. The lack of Donatellos was a little frustrating (there were also no Raphaels), but the Da Vinci drawings that had been contributed by Queen Elizabeth II and the National Gallery in London were very nice. Infuriating, however, was how all the statues from the Bargello in Florence were encased in glass. You can touch them in their original locale. All in all, it was very nice for something on tour. I liked the Vasari paintings a lot too. I have to show my aunt the frescoes on the dome of the Duomo however. They exhibit his talent much better.
After that we went out for lunch. Then we shopped for some fresh veggies to bring to my grandmother’s for dinner: baby brussel sprouts, wax beans, tomatoes and cucumbers. We tried to find my Mum a white shawl for her birthday, but were unsuccesful – that’s the plan for today again. Then we went to my grandmother’s, ate dinner, and came back to her house where we researched some more graduate programs in history.
I tore out almost 12 hours if not more of the baby blanket that i am doing for Kim. It is discouraging. I called Steve, he was going to the casino with all of twenty dollars hoping he would get lucky. Hmm.


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