ottawa: the auntie adventure


Yesterday before catching my train i managed to get everything i had planned done: got my haircut, saw Lina and gave her the tray we bought in Florence, bought two textbooks, got my bus ID card stamped and picked up my student loan certificate. Then i met Lorne and we went out for lunch at Nickels (and i was an independent-minded woman and made sure it was on two bills). It was very nice seeing Lorne before he goes back to Bishops. He told me about his guns (scary) and his trip to Switzerland during two weeks this past June.
I made the train, with plenty of time to spare. I had a nice conversation with the man sitting next to me, if you can believe it, about the theory of relativity, quantum physics and the existence of spirits. It was quite a chat, but an enjoyable one.
My aunt picked me up at the train station and brought me to Kanata. We went grocery shopping at Zellers, picked up some stuff at Shoppers Drug Mart before the sales ended and then went to Kelsey’s for dinner. We drank a whole pitcher of Sangria. Then we went to see the Brothers Grimm. It was very entertaining, but a little scary for a movie rated PG if you ask me. That Matt Damon and Heath Ledger are eye-candy definitely helped. After the movie, we went to pick up my uncle at the local pub and came back to have a glass of wine while researching Masters programs in the Italian Renaissance in Canada. We found three in Ontario alone. Woohoo. I need a back-up plan for when i don’t get in to Harvard or Yale.
This morning we are off the the museum and the market downtown. I need to get my Mum a birthday present. First, however, teas must be finished and teeth brushed. My aunt also has to put on her make-up so this could take a while.
I am in a very good mood this morning, but how can you not be when someone who is determined to spoil you rotten is taking you out for the day. My aunt is great – and not just because she spoils me rotten. She is smart and funny and very competent and what she does. Both my Mum and I wish that she lived closer so we could see her more often.

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