good fortune and gossip


So, yesterday the restaurant at which i had lost my wallet called to say that they had found it. i am so happy. even the cash that was inside is still there.

Last night i spent a good three hours or more trying to get stylesheets to work on the website i am trying to get up and running. right now the tentative format is an e-magazine (i hate the term e-zine) that perhaps, should they wish, my friends and fellow classmates could contribute to. in this format, this blog gets linked to in the “about the contributors” section. I will be asking one of my best buds who now lives in Toronto to be co-editor.

I also cleaned my room…horribly exciting i know. and i made dinner for my mom and brother – pasta in a diced tomato, olive, onion and garlic sauce. it came out pretty good even if i do say so myself. i made extra pasta for everyone’s lunches too. well, not my Dad’s because he has something weird against the use of a microwave.

Interesting scandal i heard yesterday: a lady whose son plays on the football team my Dad coaches is pregnant. The father of her child got married on June 28th – to another woman whom he had been dating on the sly for the past two years. She found out because she called his office to speak to him and was told that “he’s on his honeymoon.” His new bride thinks she’s nuts, so she’s going to have to take the paternity test to court to get him to support the child he fathered. He slept at this pregnant lady’s house the night before he got married. Out of a soap opera ain’t it? Men are pond scum.

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