Co-workers, Hygiene and other miscellany


today is not so great. it is icky outside and looks like it wants to rain. the whole day i have had to force myself to work. there was a lot of chatting done with other employees that i really should be ashamed of. Oh well. My boss, Georgia, who works for my Dad, is coming back to work on Monday after two weeks in Greece. To be perfectly honest, we didn’t miss her as a working person. I missed her company though. She is nice, even if she does lecture me about how i should wear make-up and dress nicer “for me.” I’m too lazy to wash it off at night so i don’t put it on in the morning – isn’t that sensible?
On other hygiene habits, this whole flossing and using Listerine in the morning and at night habit is really hard to get into. It occupies so much time and i just want to go to bed. Plus, since i went to the dentist, my mouth is filled with tiny cuts where i guess the cleaning tools scratched me and it burns for like 15 minutes after.
Steve did not break his ankle. In fact, he will be able to go back to work on Monday. He spent the day bleaching his hair today – hmmm. at least he didn’t shave it off with a bic again. God i hate the “rapist” look.
Oh yeah…most importantly, i lost 2 lbs this week! Woohoo. This morning, however, i forgot to bring in a replenishment of my tea supplies and had to make myself a mochaccino (the calories!). I ate lunch with people i don’t usually though. Alex and I had veggie burgers. She supplied the buns and the bread while i had tomatoes and cucumbers. I had planned on a tomato and cucumber sandwich. My tummy is grumbling again though. what else is new?
My friend Veronica wants to start a website again, like we had in high school. I think it’s a good idea, but i can’t cope with the pop-up ads and banners. I am considering signing up for a .mac subscription but $129 a year is pretty expensive.
Well, i have been told by my Dad that i must clean up Georgia’s desk because it is too mean to let her come back and have a deposit book on it. And here i thought i was doing her a favour by giving her something to do so she would know we missed her. He doesn’t seem to agree.


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