no more subway


Got some good news yesterday…i don’t have to return to Subway Sandwiches…woohoo. it will make for a less interesting blog though. about the only interesting stuff i ever had to talk about was the irritating and stupid customers. oh well.
Yesterday i made guacamole at my friend Lisa’s house for dinner. She insisted on buying the avocadoes and on buying two filet mignons to go with it. I think she thinks i am broke because everytime i go over she either feeds me or tries to buy me dinner. i am broke, but not that broke. we watched some gilmore girls. i might borrow all the seasons on DVD from her for when i get my wisdom teeth pulled out on September 16th and am house-ridden.
Steve called me earlier this morning to let me know we wouldn’t be able to hang out later today most likely because he sprained (maybe broke) his ankle AGAIN at work. Lovely. I called him Tuesday night when i got home from seeing Four Brothers with my parents (which by the way i thought was very good for the type of movie it was) and spoke to him for like 15 minutes. Yesterday he didn’t even remember my having called. I think someone needs to sleep more.
I’m not too thrilled with the blogger format. I want to have sections, such it’s not just this nonsensical rambling and none of the tools for blogger are compatible with my Powerbook G4 – that i just got like three weeks ago so am still allowed to talk about it. Videotron still hadn’t gotten back to me by last night. Hmmm. I’m gonna have to re-teach myself how to write in html soon. Frames took me forever the first time!

3 thoughts on “no more subway

  1. hmmm, as I recall, lisa, just likes paying when she happens to have cash at the end of the month, and likes paying for things… feel some control in this crazy world…

  2. well, though i appreciate lisa very much, sometimes she makes me feel self-concious about the amount she spends on her blonde friend. and, for the record, it’s not the end of the month – it’s the 19th.

  3. it’s technicaly the end of the month, since the fridge is stocked and Lisa will be away until pretty much the end, and her mother tends to pick of up the tab for grocery’s when she’s down.

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